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Code Coverage Analyzer
Code coverage analysis (also called test coverage analysis) is an important step in software testing. As a white box testing strategy, it helps the testing team in determining if adequate testing has been done. Coverage analysis reveals areas of the code that have not been exercised during testing.

is a code coverage analyzer for Java  programs.

Intuitive User Interface   
JCover sports a friendly and intuitive user interface. It takes just a few minutes to get started with JCover. The distribution includes several example applications to show you how to use the tool effectively.
Statement and Branch Coverage
JCover gathers the most popular coverage measures used in the industry. On top of these two, it computes Method, Class, File, and Package coverage. Collectively, these enable a tester in determining the adequacy of a test suite.
Source as well as class files
You can gather test coverage measures of applications whose source is available, or you can choose to work with compiled class files. If you prefer, you may work with a mix of the two.
Client and Server-side Testing
Use JCover to test simple client applications as well as application servers. JCover uses the standard Debug API to talk to the JVM, so it can work with any standards-compliant JVM.
Coverage Comparison
You can take advantage of JCover’s data analysis feature to see how coverage improves across several test runs.
Coverage Differencing
This unique feature of JCover lets you understand how two sets of test runs differ from each other. Using familiar set-theoretic ideas, JCover shows you whether coverages overlap, or are disjoint. Such insights enable a tester to optimize test cases by minimizing redundancy.
Reports and Charts
You can generate a variety of reports and charts. HTML, XML, and CSV are standard. You can even export the data to MDB format for subsequent analysis.
Coverage API for Better Control
Working with application servers sometimes requires greater control of the application under test. JCover makes this possible by providing a Java API that can be integrated into your test framework. This API allows you to programmatically control JCover’s coverage agent at runtime.
Batch Mode for Automated Build
JCover is shipped with a batch-mode utility to build a coverage-enabled application as part of an automated build process. The IDE is required only for studying the coverage and for generating reports. 

  1. JCover Brochure (PDF Format)

  2. User Manual (PDF Format)

  3. Java Code Coverage Analyzer -  
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Processor Intel Pentium or higher
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT (patch 4)
JDK Version 1.2 to 1.4
RAM 64 MB or higher
Hard disk At least 10 MB of free space for installation

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